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Influential Marketing was set up to be a different kind of marketing agency. One rooted in substance rather than style. An agency with the commitment, skills and resource to deliver exceptional results whether it's a one off initiative, a long running campaign, or the development and management of an entire brand.

Lead by hands-on Directors, with experience across the marketing spectrum, we've built a team of individuals and businesses that are specifically designed to work as an extension of an existing marketing department or as a fully outsourced solution.

From marketing strategy and branding, through to the design and delivery of tactical marketing campaigns, we work with you to make sure your communications protect and build revenue streams and strengthen customer loyalty. 

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Be Human

Are your customers businesses or consumers? We’d say neither, they are simply people. After all, it’s people that make decisions, spend money, use products or choose suppliers. Our approach is to focus on the individual and to understand how they think and make decisions. Then, by helping you influence this process, you can create a more successful and sustainable business.

Be Open

Productive business relationships are built on trust, respect and communication lines which are always open. We’ll never ask you to deal with junior account managers who know little about your company or your project goals. Instead, you will deal directly with senior marketing professionals who are committed to quality, consistency and service excellence.

Be Measurable

It’s good to be clever and it’s always great to run a fun campaign, but what really gets us motivated is making a measurable difference to your business. Our role is to work with you in defining, executing and measuring each component of a cohesive marketing strategy, making the most of available resources, budgets and opportunities.

Here are the people you will be dealing with

Our team of creatives, copywriters, developers and digital marketeers are lead by an experienced client and project management team who will work with you to make sure that the final outputs are fully aligned with your initial goals and objectives.

Ian Turner

Communications Director & Founder

Adrian Dent

Head of Branding & Research

Charlie Wilder

Technical Director

Alison Turner

Projects Director

Whatever you do, be influential...

The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions

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